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More homeowners are choosing to buy electrical appliances from online sources or in-store during a flash sale to get really great prices. At Complete Electrical, we understand it’s important to stay current and keep up with our customer’s buying preferences, which is why we are proud to offer a flexible and reliable appliance installation service no matter where your appliance may have been sourced from.

Buying a high-quality appliance for your kitchen, laundry or bathroom is a great choice for long-lasting creature comforts, reduced energy consumption as well as adding value to your home. In order to really make the most of all those benefits, you’ll want to get the right installation to give your investment the care and attention it deserves from the start.

Having the right connections, your appliance sitting on an even plane and the correct positioning can make a significant difference to the performance and longevity of your purchase. As well as general health, having professional installation usually counts towards warranty protection and is legally required for gas fittings and induction cooktops. Make sure the electrician you employ has the authorisation from the manufacturer to install and repair their brand.

Complete Electrical Service in Canberra is able to look after big appliance brands like Asko, Bosch and Miele. Be sure to ask us what parts we have for other brands as well.

With many installations, homeowners are looking to save space and create more convenience with wall-mounted appliances, especially ovens and dryers. This brings extra complexities and logistics to the job, which is best left to a professional who has been around the block a few times. We can work quickly and efficiently to have your wall-mounted appliance installed perfectly the first time with no fuss.

No matter if you are looking to move a new washing machine, dryer, oven, or cooktop – including gas and induction – our qualified team in Canberra and surrounding areas can help. Our licensed electricians can assess your space and connections and make sure you are getting the very best fit and performance that make your home not only safe but legally sound as well.

What is CES Appliance Installation?

Most times, people purchase an appliance and expect that you can simply unpack it and plug it in. Getting the right fit can stop water leaks from overflow pans, avoid imbalances in washing machines and dryers and also prevent underperformance caused by overheating, particularly from fridges and freezers.

More alarming, though, is that occasionally there can be problems with appliances or wiring faults that need attention. You won’t know what to look for or how to repair it yourself, which can lead to niggling issues festering, either in your home walls or within the appliance itself.

As a professional electrical service provider in Canberra, we know what to look for and can spot a fault at a glance. We also understand the inner workings of your appliance and how the right balance and position can make all the difference to performance, efficiency and durability.

How Does CES Appliance Installation Work?

When you have your purchase paid for, give us a call about scheduling an installation time. We’ll arrive on time, check your appliance over, assess the space it’s going into and make any small modifications needed. We’ll test and clean up before we go to make sure you get the exact right fit and position needed to keep your home’s new addition working well for longer.

Getting a regular health check-up for your home’s wiring and gas is quick and unobtrusive with our powerpoint readers and gas checks, however, many homeowners don’t have time to take this step. Installing a new appliance is a great opportunity to do a wire and or gas safety assessment, switchboard check and give your new purchase a once over to make sure everything is going to go as expected.

Our professional team will make sure your appliance is installed perfectly, and we can shorten or lengthen cords in a few seconds to make sure it’s neat, tidy and functioning to the highest possible capacity.

Be aware that when it comes to gas appliances and induction hobs you are not able to work on these items yourself. It is illegal and dangerous to remove existing gas appliances or install new ones. You will need to have a professional, licensed gas fitter manage your gas cooktop, oven or heater, this is due to the potential fatalities that can be caused by leaks or extreme damage to your property.

Along the same lines, induction hobs work with 3-phase electricity, which needs to be handled by a qualified electrician. Be sure to secure a qualified electrician and gas fitter for these services.

What are the Benefits of Having a Professional Electrician Install Your Appliances?

Hiring a professional to complete your appliance installation isn’t as expensive as you think. Most installation jobs are fast and easy for a qualified electrician and come with a host of benefits to homeowners, including:

Checks and Troubleshooting. We can pick up secondary issues that might cause problems down the track and fix them on the spot.

Safety. Mistakes can lead to shorts, power surges and burnt-out appliances that can significantly damage or reduce the life of all your home appliances and cause personal injury.

Keep your Warranty. One of the most common warranty contingencies is that your appliance needs to be installed by a certified, qualified technician. This goes double for gas appliances and induction ovens that you are not legally allowed to work on yourself.

Australian Standard regulations. Selling your home in the future will require a stringent home inspection for safety and energy efficiency. Flimsy DIY jobs won’t pass and could be difficult to amend.

Peace of mind and light work. A professional can do it faster, better, and handle all the heavy lifting, tight corners and cramped spaces for you.

Ask about flat rate pricing before you begin for peace of mind on the costs, as well as your appliance performance.

What Appliance Installation Solutions does CES Offer in Canberra?

Complete Electrical Service in Canberra is authorised to install all the big electrical appliance brands, including Asko, Bosch and Miele.

Having your appliances professionally installed is what we call “preventive maintenance”. We can help reduce the need for future callouts and repairs by getting your quality equipment installed correctly from the start. Many appliances now come with more complexity than generations past. Smart appliances, ice makers in fridge doors, and induction cooking all create more complex installations, more that can go wrong and more for you to lose.

Rather than risk your new purchase, ask how Complete Electrical Service can help with your installations and removals in Canberra.

Why Choose Complete Electrical Services

Complete Electrical Services only employ the highest quality licensed and insured professionals to visit your home and look after your home electrical and gas needs. Trusted in Canberra for over 40 Years, you can count on us to be on time and respond when you need us with a 24-7 emergency service and rapid response.

Make sure the appliance you purchase is in good hands with our honest, genuine and reliable installation services that come with our $0 call out and competitive upfront pricing.

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