Welcome to Complete Electrical Service – Your Belconnen Electrician

As we fill our Belconnen homes with bigger, smarter and self-reliant electrical items, we might need a little help to make those electronics work effectively. Complete Electrical Service are trusted electrical technicians, working in the Belconnen region since 1970 to bring safe and reliable electricity services to your home. We can assist with a wide range of electrical upgrades, repairs and installations.

Switchboards/Powerpoints & Switches

Your switchboard is the heart of your home’s electricity, so we work hard to ensure you are running the correct power for your home that is safe and effective. As well as switchboard maintenance and upgrades for your Belconnen home, Complete Electrical Service can supply and install modern creature comforts with a range of power points, switches and dimmers, offering powerpoints with USB plugs and smart switches that use mobile apps to control lighting. 

Heating & Cooling

With Belconnen’s dry, hot summers, evaporative cooling is renowned for working well. We can repair and install non-ducted air-conditioning units to help keep your home cool as well as service, repair and install electric hot water systems to keep those showers hot. We have experience servicing and installing the biggest hot water brands, including Dux, Vulcan and Rheem.

Lighting & Fans

If you are looking for quality lighting, Complete Electrical Service is your one-stop-shop, providing and installing the lighting solutions you need. We can help save money on your electricity bill and reduce your carbon footprint by installing ceiling fans as well as switching your older lights over to energy-efficient CFL and LED. We can also replace or add exhaust fans in your Belconnen kitchen and bathroom for better air quality and a cleaner home.

Data Cabling

Complete Electrical Service provide robust and scalable network connectivity with our data cabling installation. Structured data cabling systems in the Belconnen area are perfect for smart homes, businesses and residences needing strong and fast internet connections, video conferencing reliability, and home entertainment quality. The right data cables can streamline your work and entertainment communications for seamless connections.

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