Welcome to Complete Electrical Service – Your Tuggeranong Electrician

Electrical jobs around your Tuggeranong home aren’t always as straightforward as they seem. If you have been upgrading your technology and whitegoods and are using more power, it pays to get your circuits checked and enquire about repairs and upgrades that will keep your property and your family safe.

With fifty years of experience and a trusted name in the Tuggeranong area, Complete Electrical Service can assess your needs and get you to the next step in home comfort and modern technologies.

We believe safety with electricity is a top property which is why we have a $0 call-out fee. We want you to feel confident about making the call to get your electricity checked and avoid serious complications.

Switchboards/Powerpoints & Switches 

Modern home switchboards feature circuit breakers, designed to protect electrical circuits against shorts and overloads. This keeps your property and electrical equipment safe, as well as protects those inside from surges that can cause electric shocks. If you have an older switchboard, it might be time to upgrade to increase efficiency and safety in your home. 

Heating & Cooling

When it comes to keeping your home comfortable year-round, Complete Electrical Service can help. We have experience with reverse cycle air-conditioning systems in Tuggeranong and can ​​professionally install non-ducted units for a competitive price. We also install a wide range of electric hot water systems with repair and maintenance work available to keep your existing hot water service in top order.

Lighting & Fans

As well as helping you work, rest and play, the right lights create the desired atmosphere in your Tuggeranong home for entertaining and comfortable living. There are so many ways you can brighten your home with floor lights, pendant lights and outdoor and security lighting, however, you will need to make sure that any wiring work is handled by a licensed electrician to make sure everything is up to code and will operate safely.

Data Cabling

When it comes to data cabling our team can come to your Tuggeranong home to assess your needs and suggest the right cabling solutions to suit your purposes. Be it your home office for video conferencing or household LAN connection, home theatre or security system, we have the cables and installation skills to take your home cabling to the desired level.

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