Lighting & Ceiling Fan Installation & Repairs

Complete Electrical Service is your one-stop shop for quality lighting solutions and ceiling / exhaust fans in Canberra. We can help you make the switch from older lighting technologies to more energy-efficient ones, such as CFL and LED. As a local IXL service agent, we also have direct access to the legendary range of IXL Tastic bathroom lights / exhaust fans in Canberra.

Energy-efficient lighting solutions

Light Emitting Diode (LED) is the most energy-efficient lighting technology available to homeowners in Canberra. As a general rule, LED lights produce more light with less energy. In the pecking order of lighting solutions, LED lights are slightly more energy-efficient than compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), which in turn are more energy-efficient than incandescent and halogen lights.

If you’re looking to become more energy-efficient or add outdoor lighting, you may find that you need to upgrade your existing lighting infrastructure. As a licensed Canberra electrician, Complete Electrical Service is qualified to upgrade / replace light fittings, ballasts, electrical wiring and switch boards – not to mention switches and dimmers.

Complete Electrical Service has you covered for all your home lighting applications in Canberra, including:-

  • Floor lights
  • Recessed ceiling lights
  • Pendant lights
  • Wall lights
  • Bathroom lights
  • Outdoor lights – for gardens and entertaining / pool areas
  • Outdoor security lights (with motion sensors)

Important Note

Any wiring or lighting infrastructure should be installed by a licensed Canberra electrician. This ensures your personal safety and compliance with insurance policies.

IXL Tastic products – lighting, ventilation and heating

Over the years, the classic IXL Tastic 3-in-1 unit, which provides lighting, ventilation (exhaust fan) and heating, has become a “fixture” in many Canberra bathrooms. As an authorised agent for IXL Tastic products in Canberra, Complete Electrical Service is able to repair and replace these units.

Complete Electrical Service is also able to introduce Canberra homeowners to the latest IXL Tastic product ranges for the bathroom: Luminate, Neo and Classic. Many of the stylish models in these ranges feature energy-efficient LED lights and powerful exhaust fans.

It’s fair to say that IXL Tastic provides Canberra homeowners with the ultimate bathroom lighting, ventilation and heating solutions.

Ceiling and Exhaust Fans

Complete Electrical Service supplies and installs a wide range of ceiling fans and exhaust fans (for kitchens and bathrooms) in Canberra. All our products are fully guaranteed.

Ceiling fans are relatively inexpensive to purchase and run (when compared with air-conditioning units) in Canberra. Some ceiling fans (those that can operate in reverse at low speed) can also help to circulate heated air in winter.

It goes without saying that quality exhaust fans are a must-have for every kitchen and bathroom in Canberra.

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