Powerpoint Installation & Repairs

Complete Electrical Service supplies and installs electrical switchboards, power points and switches in Canberra. We use quality electrical equipment and components from the likes of Clipsal and Voltex. As licensed Canberra electricians, all our electrical work is fully guaranteed and compliant with industry standard AS / NZS 3000:2018. We service all Canberra suburbs and districts.

Home switchboard upgrades – Canberra

Complete Electrical Service is highly experienced when it comes to home switchboard upgrades in Canberra. We install a wide range of surface mount, flush mount and weatherproof switchboards from leading manufacturers such as Voltex. We also install metal enclosures that provide switchboards with additional protection from dust, splashes and impacts.

*** If you’re considering a rooftop solar system, it’s likely that you’ll need to upgrade your switchboard to accommodate the smart meter. ***

What you need to know about switchboards

An electrical switchboard is an essential piece of equipment that distributes the current from the mains supply; in other words, divides the main current into smaller currents. These smaller currents are used to power specific applications and devices in your home, such as kitchen ovens, air-conditioning units and lighting systems.

Modern electrical switchboards feature safety switches / circuit breakers (also called RCD’s) that are designed to protect individual circuits against shorts, overloads and electric shocks. In other words, modern electrical switchboards are designed to keep people and property safe. If your current switchboard is old or damaged, it could be unsafe.

Signs that you might need a new switchboard

There are signs and circumstances that indicate you might need a new switchboard.

  • You’re having a rooftop solar system installed (extra switchboard space is usually required for the smart meter).
  • Your switchboard is old – it has ceramic fuses (rather than modern safety switches) and/or an asbestos backing panel (common in many pre-2004 switchboards).
  • You notice a burning smell coming from your switchboard.
  • The safety switches / circuit breakers are charred or discoloured.
  • The main safety switch keeps tripping (cutting the power off).
  • An individual safety switch keeps tripping (disrupting the operation of an appliance or device in the home).
  • You’re about to install an energy-intensive application, such as air-conditioning or electric heating.
  • Your lights flicker constantly.

If you’re considering a rooftop solar system, or have any doubts about your existing switchboard, it’s advisable to contact a licensed Canberra electrician.

Power points, switches and dimmers – Canberra

Complete Electrical Service provides an end-to-end solution (supply and install) for power points, switches and dimmers in Canberra. We use only quality products from iconic manufacturers such as Clipsal. All our electrical work is fully guaranteed and covered by insurance.

An overview of our solutions is provided below.

  • Single, double and quad power points
  • Weatherproof power points (for outdoor applications)
  • Power points with USB outlets
  • Single light switches
  • Multiple light switch units
  • Dimmer switches
  • Ultra-large light switches (for aged care and disability applications)
  • Doorbell switches / buttons
  • Exhaust and ceiling fan switches
  • Smart switches that control lighting via a mobile app

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