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Complete Electrical Services are dedicated to giving Canberra residents the very best possible resources to support and enhance their energy needs. Harnessing solar energy is a great feeling that can save thousands of dollars on your home energy bills and reduce your greenhouse emissions. While the savings from solar far outweigh the initial set-up, there are some drawbacks to solar that can be frustrating.

  • The free energy provided by the sun is only useful when your solar panels have direct sunlight. Foggy days, rain, thick clouds and night significantly reduce your solar panel performance and increase your dependence on grid power.
  • Typical family homes are empty during sunlight hours, busy with school, errands and work, meaning the best sunlight hours are feeding into a property when energy demands are lowest.
  • Evening and nighttime is the peak price period for energy consumption, meaning the power you use from the grid when the sun goes down is more expensive than any credit you get given for feeding your solar back to the grid during the day.

The way to solve all these problems, plus bring a few added benefits on top, is by installing a solar battery.

Solar batteries are designed to give you more flexibility and greater access to your solar to make your investment work over a larger course of the day and really give back incredible value, environmental benefits and cost savings.

Battery technology and innovation are evolving rapidly with a wide range of products and brands available to suit your property type, energy capacity needs and budget. Some brands are even self-maintaining, meaning you can set and forget for the next ten years.

Now you can come home from a hectic day, gather your family, cook dinner, run the aircon and settle in to watch a movie, all on free energy from the sun.

What Is A Solar Battery?

Solar battery innovation allows homeowners to have more access to their solar power and store their unused energy from the bright sunlight hours long-term.

In order to get the best performance from your rooftop solar panels, you need direct sunlight. Luckily in Canberra, we have an abundance of bright sunshine days to help make switching to solar truly rewarding for both financial and environmental gains. What about evenings, night and early winter mornings, though?

While the public power grid is always there to back you and provide your home with power when your solar is in sleep mode, going greener and having more independence is the preferred option of most solar households. It makes sense to find ways to draw as much back from your solar as possible.

Solar batteries are powerful and durable, able to charge, release and recharge time and time again to back you up during power failures, provide free energy at peak times and give you even greater independence over your home electricity costs and usage.
How does a Solar Battery Work?

A home solar battery functions in a very similar way to a regular rechargeable battery, only on a larger, more sophisticated scale. Rather than send your unused solar power back to the public grid for a low payment, you can direct your excess solar to your home solar battery. Once the battery reaches its storage capacity, any remaining solar power generated from your panels will then be sent to the grid.

You have control over your battery power and can switch your home electricity to your battery power storage whenever you like or program it to look after your energy needs using smart internal programs.

Most people choose to use their stored energy during the afternoons and evenings when grid energy is at peak prices and solar panels are out of action. However, your stored energy can also be used to boost power during overcast or rainy days, during blackouts and when your energy use is particularly high or even combined with neighbouring batteries to make your own eco grid.

What Are The Solar Battery Benefits?

There are plenty of benefits to including a solar battery as part of your home setup. Most households recoup the cost of instalment and battery purchase within the lifetime of the unit, with many households finding their power bills show nothing but credits from their battery installation time onwards. Here are just some of the benefits you can expect from your solar battery:

Free electricity when you need it

Rather than accept the high electricity rates given by suppliers in the evenings, you can control when and how you use your solar energy to get more flexibility and use from your solar panel power.

Protection from price inflation

Your solar panels and battery upfront costs are everything you have to pay, so you know exactly what your costs are. Power companies can change their tariffs, rates and charges at will, which can throw off your budget or catch you off guard.

Create a power profit

You can also choose to sell your stored energy within your battery back to the grid, just like with instant solar power. The difference is you can choose to do this during peak times when you get paid significantly more for your energy than during daylight hours.

Track your energy use

Your battery will give you real-time and remote readings, so you know how much power you are saving and using. That education helps you make sustainable choices on your power use and allows you to set up timed programs to get the most use from your solar and stored power.

Get off the grid

Depending on your home electricity use, solar quality and battery storage capacity, you have the opportunity to get off the grid for good.

What Solar Battery Solutions Do CES Provide?

Complete Electrical Services offer a wide variety of different battery storage options for your solar from leading, quality suppliers. We can come to your home to assess your situation, talk about your solar output and discuss which battery unit will best suit your needs. You can also look at installing a battery as part of your initial solar panel installation to help bring down the costs and have a fully compatible system from the start.

While every brand is different, most batteries are a compact size and will be a subtle addition to your home. Let us discuss your setup options and the rewards you can expect for your household.

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We have been a trusted residential electricity supplier to Canberra homes with proven honest, genuine and reliable services for over 40 years. While we have seen many changes to products, homes and energy innovation over this time it only serves to strengthen our resolve to keep up with evolving industry standards and changing customer needs.

Call to speak to one of our friendly, licensed and insured professionals about how we can help extend your solar reach with a solar battery installation on a flexible payment plan.

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