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At Complete Electrical Services, being the biggest name and best residential electrical service provider in Canberra is not enough. We strive to stay current and continue to work hard to exceed the expectations of our customers going forward. That’s a big task when it comes to residential electrical needs and supply as technological innovation and energy demands are growing all the time.

As well as looking for ways to stay connected, Canberra households are also looking for ways to reduce costs and limit their dependence on the public energy grid. That’s why Complete Electrical Services are excited to enter into solar solutions.

Using our expert technicians and unbeatable service earned through 40 years of dedicated service and experience, we are joining the push for cleaner, more sustainable energy that gives more back to you and the planet, through a range of solar services, advice, products and installations.

If you are looking for a green energy starting point, solar hot water is a great way to introduce your home to solar energy and set your property up to harness free power from the sun. If solar panels are right for your property you can also consider a heat pump alternative.

Unlike solar panels that power down during the night, solar hot water continues to provide hot water to your home when you need it, making it perfect for those cold Canberra mornings waking up or rinsing off before bed after a hard workout.

As well as quality solar hot water products at competitive prices, Complete Electrical Services bring to the table our existing business structure, renowned for quality workmanship and unwavering integrity to help free Canberra residents from the reliance on expensive grid energy and provide affordable alternative energy choices for homeowners.

Talk to us about our solar hot water services and see what we offer to add value to your home and put more money back in your pocket with greener, free energy from the sun.

What is Solar Hot Water

When people hear about a solar hot water system, they typically think of a hot water heater connected to solar panels. Heating water through solar panels is possible, if imperfect. When you use solar panels to power your hot water heater you need to wait for enough sun to heat the panels and then allow time for the water to heat within the system.

What you get from a solar hot water system is a much more efficient, reliable and affordable set-up than using standard PV solar.

Solar hot water is a stand-alone system that has its own unique solar setup. The only task it has is to heat water, not power your whole home, so that directed energy and single purpose really pay off. It’s far more flexible, offers direct hot water to your home and can store heated water until you need it.

How Does Solar Hot Water Work?

A solar hot water heater uses dedicated solar panels or collectors to harvest heat from the sun that can cover between 50 and 90 per cent of your household hot water needs – usually, the difference is in the amount of direct sunlight on your panels. On overcast or rainy days, your hot water will need a boost from gas or electric sources but this is significantly lower than the amount of energy required to heat a standard hot water system.

There are two main types to choose from. Combined solar hot water systems keep the solar panel and water storage tank close together by mounting the water storage tank on the roof. The water to be heated is stored in the panels and rises up through a thermal syphon into an insulated tank when it reaches high temperatures. In order for the syphon to work the panels have to be pitched so homeowners with a flat roof will need to have the hot water panels positioned on an incline.

If this system doesn’t suit your roof style or personal taste, you can opt for a split-system solar solution where the tank is mounted on the ground and panels are set on the roof. Most often, these systems operate using energy from the solar panels to heat water and then pump it to the storage tank. In these cases, flat panels are suitable as long as they get direct access to sunlight.

In both situations, the storage tanks are insulated, so you have access to hot water even when the solar isn’t operating.

What Are The Benefits of Solar Hot Water?

If you are looking to replace a broken, worn or ineffective hot water system, it’s well worth looking at a solar hot water heater since you’ll already be investing in a new system of some sort. Make sure you ask us about the current government rebates on offer to help reduce the costs.

You’ll see a big reduction in your energy bills as well as greenhouse emissions. Residential hot water is one of Australia’s biggest contributors, accounting for as much as 30% of home electricity bills and carbon gases.

A big benefit is that it overcomes many of the issues that can come from heating water via solar panels, giving you more flexible access to dedicated hot water.

What Solar Hot Water Solutions Does CES Offer?

Complete Electrical Services can supply and install a wide range of solar water heaters from leading manufacturers, taking care to provide reliability and durability for Canberra conditions, such as frost protection. Durability and reliability are important as hot water will be required on and off multiple times throughout the day. The right system to cater to your home is an important choice that takes detailed assessment and planning.

We can visit your home to help plan the best hot water solution for your needs with our $0 call-out fee.

Why Choose Complete Electrical Services

For solar hot water solutions you can rely on, talk to Complete Electrical services, a trusted name here in Canberra for over 40 years.

Our licensed and insured professionals can offer you advice and recommendations on the solar hot water systems to suit your home and budget. As well as our $0 call-out services we provide transparent upfront quotes built on our competitive flat rate pricing system which can be made across a flexible payment plan if needed.

For honest, genuine and reliable sales, installations, repairs and service, call our office today and see how we can help you to find greener energy solutions.

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